Why should you participate in TheFuture.education Design Challenge 


Together, through the innovative ideas and solutions you imagine, we can begin to create a better future for students and leave a lasting impact for the fields of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. 


This challenge is centered around one goal: The education of all learners. 

Develop your personal, professional, and entrepreneurial skillsets by participating in virtual workshops and receiving transformational knowledge from our renowned guest speakers! 


TheFuture.education Design Challenge is for all learners, student entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial leaders! Come join us and our Think Tank community to network with like-minded individuals and form new relationships with mentors.


Through this challenge, you have the opportunity to share your unique insights and perspectives with professional educators, scholastic institutions, large organizations, and most importantly, other learners.


We define entrepreneurial learning experiences as the development of mindsets, skillsets and agency that help all individuals, regardless of background, maximize their entrepreneurial potential, whether it be starting a new venture, going to work for an existing organization, or becoming an artist, activist and everything in between. In order to better serve and prepare entrepreneurial leaders of the future, accelerating access and engagement in entrepreneurship education, we have outlined these indicators. Please select one or more of the following challenge areas you are aiming to address


Increasing Access & Opportunity

Reducing barriers and increasing opportunities for students to access entrepreneurial learning experiences regardless of zip code, bank balance, age, major, education level, skin color, or gender.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Leaders

Creating meaningful learning opportunities that cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets, skills, and agency in all students.

Accelerating Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Creating new opportunities, increasing support, and resources for students who want to launch/sustain ventures.

Solution Categories


Participants address their focus challenge area(s) through solutions that are at least one of the following:

  • Technology-based

  • Programmatic or content-focused

  • Policy


Calling all learners, student entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial leaders! We are looking for innovative ideas, proposals, and solutions from students all across the globe—high school juniors, seniors, and college students (undergraduate, graduate, and post-doc).


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