TheFuture.education Design Challenge lasts a week but the learning and impact lasts a lifetime! Calling all learners, student entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial leaders! We are looking for innovative ideas, proposals, and solutions from students all across the globe—high school juniors, seniors, and college students at all levels in any discipline.

Come prepared to network with like-minded individuals, establish mentorship relationships, and engage in workshops to enhance your personal and professional skills. Your ideas and solutions also have the potential to be shared with our own community, as well as other media outlets and organizations. For your participation, you will receive a certificate for your resume signed by the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center!

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8:00am PDT (4:00pm CET / 8:30pm IST)

Welcome & Challenge Launch

Nicola Corzine

Executive Director, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Samantha Dewalt

Managing Director, Lehigh@NasdaqCenter

8:10am PDT (4:10pm CET / 8:40pm IST)

Keynote Session: Reimagining the Future of Education

Nishika de Rosairo

CEO & Founder, Experiential Insight

8:20am PDT (4:20pm CET / 8:50pm IST)

The Student Voice


Nishika de Rosairo

CEO & Founder, Experiential Insight

Student Panelists 

Rasleen Kaur 

Juwon Owolabi

Genevieve Powell

9:10am PDT (5:10pm CET / 9:40pm IST)

Speed Ideating

Times Vary

Mentor Office Hours

10:00am PDT (6:00pm CET / 10:30pm IST)

Group Coaching Session: Developing a Growth Mindset**

11:30am PDT (7:30pm CET / Mar 20, 12:00am IST)

Group Coaching Session: Transforming Problems into Solutions**



2:30am PDT (10:30am CET / 3:00pm IST)

Group Coaching Session: Transforming Problems into Solutions

8:00am PDT (4:00pm CET / 8:30pm IST)

Discovering Your Passion

Lamarr Womble


9:10am PDT (5:10pm CET / 9:40pm IST)

Design Thinking

Megan Goering

Strategy & Innovation Leader

10:20am PDT (6:20pm CET / 10:50pm IST)

The Art of Storytelling

Arabella Hallawell

Strategy & Marketing Executive

11:25am PDT (7:25pm CET / 11:55pm IST)

Closing Celebration

Video Submission*

**Separate sign-up is required for the Office Hours and Experiential Insight Group Coaching Sessions. These sessions are not recorded. Sign-up information will be shared by email the week of March 8.


*Video Submission Details

Video Submission Deadline: Sunday, March 21 at 12-noon PDT (8pm CET / Mar 22, 12:30am IST)

Attendees will participate in two days of virtual speakers, workshops, and innovation sessions. The Design Challenge culminates with all participants submitting a two minute video pitching their idea or solution addressing one or more of the challenge areasThe video submission is your opportunity to get creative and share your perspective and ideas. The video should cover: 1) Your personal story/journey (introduce yourself/team!); 2) Define the problem/issue you want to address, who you are designing for, and why you’re passionate about solving it; 3) What are some of the ideas or solutions that you have for solving this problem? 4) Imagine the future after you’ve changed it--what will it look like when your ideas or solutions are realized?


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