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Entrepreneurship & Future of Education

Think Tank

Hosted by Lehigh University and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, our think tank brings together representatives from leading U.S. and international universities, non-profits, and corporate partners to examine current and emerging topics pertaining to the intersection of entrepreneurship, the future of education, and the future of work. 

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Think Tank Launch

In January 2019, we convened our first think tank discussion on Entrepreneurship and the Future of Education at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco. Thought leaders from higher education, nonprofit, and industry sectors across the globe explored the question: How might we reimagine the future of education through the lens of entrepreneurship? Participants affirmed that entrepreneurship education is a powerful tool for preparing students for the future of work. The takeaway was that preparing all graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset, regardless of discipline or career path, is critical.

Spring 2019

Following the January 2019 think tank discussion, we launched a research study to identify the fundamentals of the term entrepreneurial mindset, examining both academics and practitioners. Phase one of the study provided a new understanding of the attributes of an entrepreneurial mindset, revealing 11 core constructs: Opportunity Recognition & Exploitation, Self-Efficacy, Creativity & Imagination, Problem-Solving, Risk-Taking, Innovative Behavior, Resilience, Value Creation, Mistakes & Failure Competence, Proactivity, Uncertainty & Ambiguity Tolerance.

Fall 2019

Entrepreneurial Mindset Explored

Building on this foundation of inclusive entrepreneurial learning, we convened a discussion focused on fostering the entrepreneurial mindset for historically underrepresented students. In partnership with the California Community Colleges System, this session leveraged design thinking to explore how principles of entrepreneurial education can be applied in the community college system to accelerate student learning, reduce structural barriers to education, and propel students to success.

Spring 2020

Accelerating Access & Opportunity


Design Challenge

Spring 2021

Join our community of innovators and entrepreneurial leaders by participating in Design Challenge! We want to learn from you and share your ideas with a community of doers who are applying their ingenuity and imagination to create entrepreneurial learning opportunities for all.

The Student Voice


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How Would You Reimagine the
Future of Education?

To capture the student voice within the field of entrepreneurial education, we surveyed college students on their academic experiences. The insights from the survey, discussed in this write up by Lehigh@NasdaqCenter analyst and college student Juwon Owolabi, were used to develop the Design Challenge.

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Preparing for the Future of Work Through Global
Entrepreneurship Education

In the IIENetworker magazine, Cheryl Matherly, Ed.D., Samantha Dewalt, Ed.D., and Lisa Getzler, discuss how global entrepreneurship education equips students with the mindsets and skills to help them be successful—whether they launch new ventures, work for established companies, or participate as independent workers in the gig economy.

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Could Entrepreneurship Programs Someday Replace Their Colleges?

After attending the Entrepreneurship & Future of Education Think Tank convening at the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter, Gary A. Bolles, the Chair for the Future of Work with Singularity University, writes an EdSurge op-ed that examines the provocative question of what it would look like to redesign a college from scratch.